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2 Charter boats, in 3 different Marinas, in 2 Great Lakes… Yes, that’s us!

Dive into history with Chicago’s leading dive charters on the Great Lakes. Double Action Dive Charters grants access to premier shipwreck sites in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Our two boats cater to divers of all skill levels, covering wrecks from 15ft to 300ft deep. Join us as we continuously explore and document new wrecks, inviting you to partake in the discovery. Experience why our passion for scuba diving makes us the go-to choice for Chicago-area dive charters!

Double Action Dive Charters guides thousands of divers through the fascinating shipwrecks of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Choose from two vessels to explore wrecks suitable for all skill levels, ranging from 15 to 300 feet deep. We’re constantly discovering and researching new wrecks, inviting you to join the adventure. Experience our passion for scuba diving and see why we’re the best!

The Fleet

Double Action Dive Charters has shown thousands of divers shipwrecks in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. With two boats to choose from, we reach wrecks for all skill-levels. Wrecks range from 15ft thru 300ft, so we truly have dive trips suitable for every diver.

SeaQuest II Chicago Area

Exploring Lake Michigan and the Chicago Area from Hammond Marina

Go Between Eastern Michigan

Exploring Lake Huron from the Port Sanilac & Harbor Beach Area

Easy Online Booking

Convenient, easy, fast! Booking your dive charter can be done from the comfort of your home 24/7

Season Pass Unlimited Charters

Like to dive often? Yeah, we know the feeling! That’s why we offer unlimited diving packages and discount packages that are valid on any of our charter trips.

Ready to hit it hard this season? Check out our single season unlimited diving package for only $2,500.00. Are you a true Great Lakes dive adventure junkie? Sign up for our unlimited lifetime charter package for $10,000.00. These are limited in available quantity, so don’t delay.

Don’t worry, we have other packages available, and we’re sure one will fit your dive agenda!

It’s All About Wrecks

The great lakes are a shipwreck diver’s dream come true. Wrecks of all shapes and sizes are extremely well preserved and some look like they could be raised and float again.