• Location:

    Harbor Beach
  • Sunk:

    September 13, 1848
  • Depth:

    104 feet
  • Cost:

  • Dive it From:

    Go Between

Having the honor as the oldest known shipwreck in the Harbor Beach area, the Goliath went down more than 170 years ago. Launched in 1846, the Goliath was a wooden package and bulk freighter, 131 feet in length and 279 gross tons. She barely saw two years of service when, in September of 1848, while hauling a load of lumber, bricks, and blasting powder, sparks from her stack ignited her upper deck and she burned completely. In her loss, she also took her crew of 18 with her. Currently, she rests in just over 100 feet of water and is the perfect wreck for intermediate and advanced recreational divers to explore and hone their wreck diving skills on. Some of her more notable attractions include; her upright engine, boilers, stove and propellers. We visit the Goliath on the Go-Between from Harbor Beach.*Special thanks to Robert McGreevy for the use of his artwork for this shipwreck*