The Great Lakes Diving Guide


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The “bible” of Great Lakes shipwreck locations, histories, and scuba diving just became a lot bigger and better with this new second edition! And at an incredibly low retail price!

1,000+ shipwrecks are described (150+ added since the first edition came out in 2001) 

Each shipwreck’s basic history 

Location coordinates. Dive site conditions 

Covers both the US and the Canadian sides of the Great Lakes. 

NEW!: 30 significant shipwreck events of the Great Lakes, each as a one- or two-page sidebar. 

NEW! A chapter on successfully setting up and running a scuba dive club. 

6″ x 9″ softcover, 

608 pages (up from 416 pages in the first edition), 

1,200+ black-and-white photos (up from 700 photos), 

more shipwreck artwork (175 total), 

plus maps, bibliography, and index. 

ISBN 978-0-9679976-9-8.

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