Shipwrecks at Death’s Door


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Written by noted Great Lakes maritime historians, Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg, Shipwrecks at Death’s Door includes exciting stories and amazing color pictures of the shipwrecks of Door County, Wisconsin. The area around the Death’s Door Passage connecting Lake Michigan and Green Bay has been a navigator’s nightmare since before the arrival of the first European explorers. Read about the many shipwrecks of this dangerous region, such as the flaming loss of the freighter, Frank O’Connor, the discovery of the 1869 wreck of the Ocean Wave, the stories of the Pilot Island shipwrecks, the tragic Erie L. Hackley and D.A. Van Valkenburg, the tragedies of the Great Storm of 1913 wrecks, the Lakeland with its 1924 automobiles, the legend of the Poverty Island treasure, and more! The book includes an extensive chapter on the maritime history of the region. Beautifully printed on glossy paper, the book displays 132 stunning color photographs – aerial, boat, land and underwater – plus color postcards , maps, and over 100 black and white archival photographs. There is wonderful color artwork by Charles Peterson, Robert McGreevy, and Jim Clary. This exciting book will help you explore, enjoy, and appreciate the rich maritime history of the land that boldly juts into Lake Michigan – including, of course, stories of the many shipwrecks located in this historic and popular area.

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